Working in digital marketing entails marketing products or services via different online channels. You may specialise in social media or search engine optimization (SEO) using strategies that allow websites to rank high in Google searches and to attract more visitors.

The role is often dependent on a team, and you could be working with copywriters, designers or animators on projects which is why collaboration skills are vital. You might also be expected to research your client’s rivals to help you know which methods of advertising are most efficient for their business. You’ll be required to plan campaigns, work with clients, investigate new strategies for digital marketing, and observe the performance of current strategies to ensure that they’re delivering good value for money.

You could be working on short-term contracts with business owners that require assistance in developing their brand and advertising campaigns. You can also oversee long-term projects on behalf of a marketing agency. You can develop and monitor their social media presence or manage their website analytics.

A career in digital marketing is for you if you possess an empathy for others and can put yourself in the shoes of your target audience to identify their wants, needs and challenges. Digital marketing is ever-changing and you need to be able to adapt and learn. As you gain experience, you might choose to become a digital marketing manager, or even pursue an executive position.